Vintage Wedding Dresses - Unleash Romance with an Authentic Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Anyone who's ever planned a wedding will tell you that settling on a theme for your wedding can be one of the most difficult decisions of the entire process. For some, a vintage wedding is the perfect answer. Vintage wedding dresses, vintage gowns and completely “themed” vintage weddings are currently all the rage in the bridal world. And why not? Nothing says elegance and sophistication like an authentic vintage dress or vintage gown that harkens back to an era of romance and charm that will transport you and your guests to a magically nostalgic place. Envision an old world Victorian wedding centered in a beautiful garden complete with a horse drawn carriage and a “tea and crumpets” reception or a free-spirited and fun-loving speakeasy atmosphere where the men wear vintage pinstriped zoot suits and the ladies dance around in feathered boas to period jazz music. Or maybe you have 50's rock and roll sock hop or 60's beatnik theme in mind. No matter whether your tastes lean to the formal or informal vintage styles, you will simply look stunning on your special day and you'll create a memory that will be as timeless as the vintage wedding dress you're wearing. The bonus is, you'll have your “something old” totally covered!

And let's face facts... money is always an issue when planning a wedding and no matter what theme you choose, you'll be on a budget. The great news is vintage weddings and vintage wedding dresses don't have to be an expensive proposition for a couple starting a new life together – and you won't need a time machine to get your hands on something amazing! A vintage gown complete with vintage jewelry and vintage accessories can be more affordable than a new, modern gown or reproduction with accessories styled to “look” vintage. You'll spend less of your budget on your wedding dress leaving you with funds for things like music, decorations, and props that will round out your vintage wedding experience.

Vintage Wear offers a great selection of vintage wedding dresses and vintage tuxedos to compliment any vintage wedding theme and we have a large selection of vintage hats, vintage shoes, and vintage accessories to perfectly round out your wedding's vintage look! If you need help making a selection, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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